The Porcupine Caribou herd is a specific herd of caribou that travels across the north from Alaska to the Yukon. The herd has been central to the survival of the indigenous communities in the region for thousands of years, and is a vital part of the Arctic ecosystem. Unfortunately, the herd is at great risk due to habitat loss. This comes at the expense of recent drilling proposals by the USA’s federal government which would take place in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska – otherwise known as the Porcupine herds calving grounds.

At the conclusion of a canoe trip in the Yukon we completed our journey in Fort McPherson. It was there that we connected with Marvin Snowshoe, a local Gwich’in, and were educated on the impact that the current situation could have on the community. For both the caribou herd, and for the northern communities that rely on them for food, they must be protected.

CPAWS Yukon is currently running an incredible campaign to raise awareness and support for this issue. Please follow the link below and engage in whatever way possible.

Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society – Yukon Chapter

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