Kayaking the Coast

From route planning to gear optimization to building a salmon smoker and a sauna.
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Advanced Kayak Camping Skills

Tips and tricks for long term kayaking trips to make your journey that much easier.
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Outside Passage Route Planning

Well worth the risk, the Outside Passage returns an incredible paddling experience for those willing to commit
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Build a Backcountry Sauna

You better believe that you can enjoy a hot-as-hell sauna experience anywhere you want. Pro tip: build near water for cooling cause its gonna get hot!
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Kayak Salmon Fishing

Tips on how to set-up and troll from your kayak so you can land the salmon of your dreams
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Build a Salmon Smoker: Step by Step

Here's how to build a salmon smoker when you're in the middle of fucking nowhere.
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The Allure of the BC coast

The inspiration of the Haida Gwaii and the decision to paddle across the Great Bear Sea.
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Kayaking Desolation Sound

Closer to the sprawling Vancouver metropolis that one might think lies a beautiful and remote marine park for the splendour of southern coast adventurers.
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