How to go Sea Kayak Salmon Fishing

Our Complete Guide to Sea Kayak Salmon Fishing Why would you want to try sea kayak salmon fishing? Silly question. Aside from this being one of the coolest things you’ll ever do in your life, it also provides an emergency source of food (if you know what you’re doing). And if you pull it off, you’ll […]

Build a Backcountry Sauna

What the finished product looks like.   Let me just preface this one by saying how fricken awesome these backcountry saunas are. Absolutely everybody should try this at some point because they never disappoint. Can you imagine coming back from a full day of hiking, feeling like your legs have just been beaten, and hopping […]

A Penny Red Mountain Ski Trip


In late March, I made the journey from Vancouver to Prince George to meet up with a good friend to do some backcountry skiing. The time seemed right to get out beyond the coast mountains that have been my sole winter playground for many years. We ended up booking a hut near Penny, BC — […]