About Wild Coast Collective

The experience of getting off grid, and the feeling of freedom that it brings, holds reward beyond measure. Our mission is to help inspire others to chase these experiences and appreciate the importance of protecting the earths natural spaces. To find out more about what we're working on, head over to our initiatives section. If you're looking for some Wild Coast gear, then head here!

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The Amigos

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Phil Climie

There is no greater joy than listening to the crackle of a fire, the crashing of waves, the wind amongst trees.

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Jordan Casoli

Just a guy who likes to get outside and do awesome things. Addicted to finding the next adventure.


Christian Jones

I'm a graphic designer who was heavily influenced by Indiana Jones as a child. My travels are continuously getting stranger with each trip - hence why I can't stop.

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Reece Legault

Prince George, BC is home base but you won’t find me in town often. Whether hiking in the Robson Valley, fly fishing a tributary of the Parsnip River, or road tripping up to Liard Hot Springs Provincial Park on a long weekend. I’m always looking to send it!

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A small paragraph isn't nearly enough space.


Marco Arimare

Just a good guy trying to balance hitting the books and getting my adventure fix in.